Welcome to Ipoh, Perak

Ipoh, Malaysia, the country's third largest city. In the 19th century mining era, Ipoh attracting Chinese & English colonization, leaving a colonial-era building which is now the Ipoh Old Town. Ipoh is also a well-known food county. Regular folks from across the country flock to Ipoh Ipoh Old Town White Coffee tasting, juicy grapefruit, fluffy kaya flutter, famous salted chicken, bean sprouts and chicken, Hong Kong dim sum, pork bao, egg tarts, fried rice and so on.


Ipoh could be the capital city of Perak state around the west coast of peninsular Malaysia. You will find five nicknames for ipoh: The Town Constructed on Tin and City of Millionaires referring for the vast fortunes produced through the boom in the tin-mining industries. Affectionately known as Paloh till currently by the nearby Chinese, referring for the gigantic mining pumps utilized for early tin ore extraction. The Bougainvillea City referring to Bougainvillea because the symbol flower with the city. The Hill City referring to Ipoh becoming central and surrounded by hills. But now most the persons named Paloh and also the Hill City became a town name.

Ipoh cities in to the turn of 19th century to created the booming tin-mining business propelled the sleepy town in to the height of its glory peaked inside the 1950s when for the duration of the British colonial era. Architecturally, the city centre is characterized by colonial era Chinese shop homes and many impressive historical buildings in the British Colonial era for instance the Railway Station, the Town Hall plus the Court Residence. In the 1970s the economical of tin-mining sector of pricing collapse as well as the city's development stagnated tin mines have been closed. The booming tin mining sector of ipoh story was as a result brought to a close (1970s).