Travel tips

In Ipoh you will experience:

Night market every day
Ipoh night markets every day, seven days a week, so any day arrival Ipoh, you can go to the night market overview customs and looking for food and specialties.

Temple in the cave
Ipoh many temples, and there are many temples named by the hole, such as the three security holes, Perak Cave, Ling Xian Church and so on.

Building very literary
There are various types of buildings in Ipoh, Mughal style, Moorish, Victorian, Moorish and Victorian architecture mixed ...... dizzying colors, each of which is the United States.


Streets smell of coffee
Ipoh White Coffee is the origin. If you have time to stroll can own, without the aid of transportation, it must be good to go to Lao Cai field Guangyi Xia, while enjoying all kinds of buildings, while enjoying the smell of coffee in the air. Street Field air floating faint white coffee aroma, full-bodied but not make people feel tired, really good feeling.