Best Places to Eat in Ipoh

If the article referred eat, funnier certainly going to find a place that no food delicious, right? Starting with breakfast through to late evening. But for the first time to set foot in Ipoh, may want to get the best dining tu unsure where the popular and the most important is delicious?

Notwithstanding any best place to eat that, but if they do not taste great, plus the price of mahal..tak plaque matches with the food taste tu, may your own unrest not want to eat? If you had come to Ipoh, may IDE, you can find best places to eat in Ipoh ni as I will tell you an instant je again.

I start with breakfast ye..Bagi those who want to have breakfast, that maybe there are some popular menu options in Ipoh ni like Ketchup Mee, Mee Kari Jasak Mat Daud, Bread Egg Shake and more. But the names I mentioned tu menu is very popular among the menu once when having breakfast.

Popular locations for David Curry Mee menu Mat Jasak is near Ipoh UTC. Je roadside shop, you can see a picture where such a shop. Taste the curry mee is best and if you had the first taste, confirm la rasa nak life until the broth is exhausted it because it is very tasty ..

ipoh mee daud 01

ipoh mee daud 02

If for Egg Bread menu Goyang wrong, I think the topic should find Food Court Dato Sagor which is adjacent to Sultan Idris Shah II Mosque or Masjid Negeri Ipoh Ipoh near Ipoh Railway Station. If you had come from the train station tu, dah dah close, can walk je. But I'm not mistaken Sunday outlets all tutup..pagi Saturday tu still no taste.

ipoh medan selera dato sagor

Sitting je mark any seats and funnier order je Egg Bread Goyang..mana menu look like? You can see pictures I tu..dan park where various Food Court Dato Sagor, ye see the picture above. But now ni ni food courts are in the process of modification. Its place has been changed slightly backwards. You touched walk forward a bit and see the food court papers tu is transferred to the rear. In any sense a little bit, but the beaches or ask the person if you had not see..hehe ..


ipoh nasi ayam fuziah 01

For lunch, I'll just point out one of the most popular menu only in Ipoh, but for those who are somewhat less fond of cooking, now, can try again a menu of Chicken Rice Hainanese Chicken Rice Fuziah or Ipoh. The most popular menu in Ipoh for lunch is none other than CU. Vanggey handler ni rice until the title of 'Nasi Ganja' and many who first heard of afraid to eat, because ye kompem put the weed in tu..nanti arrested ye wrong?

But do not risau..ganja tu mean think you'll gian would like to come again to taste ... lust kinds of boiled rice plaque nak pegi vanggey ni reason easement spicy sauce and chicken tu. Really, I do not tipu..Lokasi CU is in Greentown Business Center which is adjacent to the Ar Equine Hospital, Ipoh and also near Ipoh City Hall.


ipoh mi udang ketam sempoi

For dinner menu, I discover a new exciting place ni. May be good news for fans of lobster. The restaurant ni IDE, you can enjoy the best shrimp dish-best and also the delicious cuisine menu. You can go to Tg Rambutan. The name of this restaurant is the Mee Udang Ketam Sempoi Diraja. It is best so that ada..Udang shrimps lobsters, tiger prawns to, everything is there for your choose and eat.

If their health care tu, tu not eat vitamin health, it touched avoid coat. Add plaque for those who are sick Gout, it was not so choice menu ni nak mereka.Lupa tell, this shop is located behind the Tg Rambutan Petronas, Petronas if you had met on the street, the road ahead looks a bit funnier junction to the back of the gas station tu. You will see the 100-meter Petronas je of Tanjong Rambutan.

It was just a coat I want to talk about briefly about the best places to eat like this in Ipoh. Even the no more. I think there are comments not later down here the story. If I did a lot of stories to tell that this first sangat..aku le for your guide those who want to find a place to eat best mark in Ipoh.

If there are new restaurants in Ipoh ni nak introduce best restaurant menu is funnier than that, please do not contact me unabashedly. Can I review your restaurant menu and I can tu story with bestnya ni kan aku kat blog. Prices do not worry, it is negotiable? Can use the contact form if you are interested.