Gua Tempurung

Gua Tempurung Perak in the selection of those who love adventures. According to the recommendation, from March to May, you can see hundreds of bats here because when this is their mating season. You can hear the sound of their bats in the cavern. You must be wondering how they can fly in the dark as well, though his bat has penghilatan points less, but they have a natural sonar system that helps them to move.



If you love nature adventure, Cave Coulee is not disappointing. Cave shell has five huge domes that resemble coconut shells (Meru).

You have to crawl in the middle and through the river called the River Caves Coulee and then walked about 1.6 miles.
This trip was indeed a fun adventure. My advice to you would be there to wear long pants tough because you have to slide down the rocks, crawl and may hurt the feet as well.

If your Perak, do not forget to visit here. One of the attractions you should visit Perak.