Gunung Lang Recreational Park


Gunung Lang Recreational Park (Taman Rekreasi Gunung Lang) which is located just five miles from the city of Ipoh is one of the limestone mountains that abound in the state of Perak, Malaysia, particularly in the Kinta Valley. Gore Mountain range is limestone hills located in the middle of the Kinta Valley and is a recreation area located in the north of Ipoh It can be entered through the North-South Expressway via the exit on the River Snail and Jalan Kuala Kangsar.

Limestone hills have been explored as early as 1880 by the Malay tin miners which mining has been done in the caves found here. This area has also been made in the area of iron ore mining and producing landscape disturbed areas such as swamps and lakes. Review Ipoh Local Plan 2020 outlines the Gore Mountain area of 111.93 hectares as Environmentally Sensitive Areas Phase 2 and should be restored. Development in this area is to allow for eco-tourism, research and education. The uniqueness of the limestone formation is also of interest to visitors because it is located near the center of Ipoh.


By the year 1999-2003, the Ipoh City Council and the National Landscape Department, Ministry of Local Development has developed the area under the 8th Malaysia Plan as the development of public parks. Gunung Lang has become a recreational area by the Ipoh City Council. The park is equipped with three artificial lakes of the former tin. With an allocation of RM8.4 million, Taman Gunung Lang then developed through the first phase and the second as a full public recreational park in 1999 under the Seventh Malaysia Plan (7MP) by the National Landscape Department. Ipoh City Council is planning to continue the construction of the third phase of a recreation park in the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP). Development components including walkways, viewing tower far, the boat pier, restrooms and the highest man-made waterfall in Malaysia. This area has been able to support the requirements of the residents of Ipoh and a tourist attraction as a 'stop over point route North South Highway

How to get there

  • If you are from Ipoh, you must follow the road leading to Kuala Kangsar, Kuala Kangsar. Only 5 minutes from the city of Ipoh.
  • If you are from Kuala Lumpur, you just need to get out of the North-South Expressway at exit Ipoh Utara 1 km from there you will find signs Gunung Lang Recreational Park.

Parking area on the edge of the lake for free.

Fares for boat: RM3 for adults, RM2 for high school, primary school students RM1, RM0.50 for children and the elderly to RM1.50 to the island as far as about 300 meters.