Ipoh food map

Ipoh renowned cuisine are more concentrated, detailed culinary map as shown below:


In addition to well-known outside sprouts chicken and coffee, came to Ipoh, you can taste many civilians cuisine, such as the first local shop selling chicken rice chicken rice in the White House, and poached chicken, even Petrina Fung also Fang came to taste the new spring curry noodles, as well as old 奇峰豆花 (Funny Mountain Soya Bean) in the bean curd and milk.


If you are looking for an upscale restaurant than a grade, you can go to 顺发冷气海鲜 (Soon Fatt Restaurant), where the seafood is delicious, the chef produced excellent taste, and the price is not expensive, the absolute value for money. Or you can go to 大卫的晚餐 (David's Diner), this is a good place to eat Western food, whether it is food or service here is impeccable.