Ipoh specialties food

Ipoh in Malaysia also has culinary reputation, a wide variety of local dishes, bean sprouts and chicken noodle, Paul salted chicken, white coffee, Hainanese chicken rice, etc., unique and authentic Malay cooking styles and tastes, but also China and Indian cuisine, the total can cause a person's appetite.

White Coffee
The color is not white white coffee, although it is much lighter color than the other coffee. Here the "white" refers to the "pure" means, in the baking process description did not add any other ingredients, so the taste is more mellow, authentic. Ipoh White Coffee dissolved quickly and evenly alcohol tasty place for a long time will not change even if the acid, if icy look, its flavor more unique.

Hainanese Chicken Rice
Hainanese chicken rice is steamed chicken with spices and salt, after cooling, when the soup with poached chicken and chicken fat to cook and become fragrant chicken rice, and finally topped with special sauce.

Yi Bao pomelo known in Southeast Asia, but it does Cestbon pomelo pomelo and the general distinctive taste of glycol, indescribable. After eating bean sprouts and chicken can also buy a taste of the sweet pomelo, as a dessert fruit flavor will definitely make you forget.

Sprout Chicken Rice
Ipoh bean sprouts chicken noodle dishes are. Ipoh bean sprouts just fertilizer, like a baby's arm like a little delicate, simply boiled with soy sauce, sprinkle point pepper, crisp bite to have a very sweet fragrance. The sprouts only Ipoh, Malaysia in order to eat elsewhere, but also must be obtained from here to purchase. Accompanied by delicious fresh sprouts slippery poached, absolutely delicious, ah, Ipoh bean sprouts chicken has its own unique flavor, will not make people regret it.
Note that, do not think that will sprout sprouts chicken chicken named after embedding, bean sprouts and chicken is unique, that is, the chicken and bean sprouts on the plate, respectively, together with a bowl of creamy delicious Pho. Bean sprouts and chicken origin, because some of the previous Hell on Frisco Bay, finished work at night, always like to late night food stalls, invariably called a chicken dish and a dish of bean sprouts, handed down has become so popular today famous cuisine.