Kellie's Castle

Kelly Castle from the capital city of Ipoh Perak about 40 kilometers Waldo Gajah. This is an unfinished castle, by William Kelly in 1915, the secret planning and construction, the castle is still extraordinary momentum, Malaysia rare buildings. Englishman William Kellie Smith in 1915 to build, and if built would be a very ambitious beautiful building, but the castle was never built after World War I, William ordered the castle built near a Hindu temple, and to tunnel through the two buildings. But before the completion of the building, William died, engineering therefore shelved. Since then, the castle become a haunted house, spread a variety of strange legends, until recent years, local governments have the guts to clean up after open to visitors go on a safari.


There are many castles in the Chamber of Secrets and secret tunnels, and along the road leading to the castle terrain profile exhibits a labyrinth of passages, make this place and add more mystery and romantic color. For centuries, the castle was always stand tall, although the appearance significantly affected by years of baptism, but conceal their noble temperament, especially inside, except for some occasional corner occupied by insects, but remains essentially intact. It is said that there are many castle chamber and tunnels, but by the Ipoh road leading to the castle, but also very confusing like a maze, but also adds its dash of mystery. Walking in the corridor between the castle and occasionally cast shadow on the wall, the more people there are eerie feeling. Leading from one room to another room, often there will be a feeling of being watched, the legend that is the ghost of Kelly Smith, because he could not bear the castle, so reluctant to leave. These gave the visitors a lot of stimulation.