Pulau Orang Utan

Pulau Orang Utan or Bukit Merah Orang Utan Island Foundation is positioned inside the eco-friendly getaway of Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, a 7,000 acre freshwater lakeside in Semanggol, Perak. Pulau Orang Utan was formerly recognized as Pulau Panjang, comprises a vast 35 acre location, five acre of which has been set aside as a study centre for these vulnerable species. At present, you'll find 24 orang utans, of which 16 had been born inside the island and 1 was born at BJ island, a different island close to to Pulau Orang Utan. FYI, the earliest orang utans have been brought in from Borneo, generating Pulau Orang Utan the very first ex-situ conservation in Malaysia.




Orang Utan Island is currently a worldwide eco-tourism spot.

Considering that its inception in 2000, Orang Utan Island has progressed from getting a sanctuary, in which readers professional first-hand consciousness and training around the orangutan, into a recognised
ex-situ conservation facility and referral centre for that endangered Bornean orangutan.

A pay a visit to to Orang Utan Island will influence any person why the orangutan has endeared by itself as
a logo of Malaysia.

With an area of about 15 hectares, the island is now fully utilized to conduct research, breeding, and conservation of this species from further extinct.

It has become the medium of education to the public on the subject of animal in addition to conservation efforts taken to save species This endangered.