Sungai Klah Hot Springs

Surrounded by hills and verdant mountains, river Klah Hot Springs offers something quite unique.

Opened in 2003, it not only offers a fun shower or soak in the natural hot spring water and beautiful views of the mountain but quite enjoyable.


Sg. Klah Hot Spring (TRAP) here under the auspices of Felda Travel. Place deep inside. It is not very far. Generally, there are attractions in the hot tub. According to the official story Felda, hot tubs were originally owned by indigenous people there. Through discussion, the original permit Felda to the point that commercial. I guess they are made into coats. Felda grab hot tubs. In exchange, the original people employed there. TU officials, half in jest. He says the real ni je suitable for landscaping because they care and they will be "lost" if the durian and petai fall season. Sometimes, it all went back to the village.

The location is very beautiful because it is surrounded by hills and mountains and it's not a very unique attractions. Visitors will be delighted happy to have the opportunity to shower with hot water, sipping the fresh air and beautiful scenery.