Travel or walk around in Ipoh

This title may be a little bit skeptical or negative je if called. I think this is why people Ipoh itself, may feel it is difficult to walk if you first set foot here. For those who first want tu footprints, I think I can provide some important tips to keep your taste not difficult to walk around Ipoh ni.

 ipoh welcome to ipoh

Transport Most Important Factor
First of all if you want to walk around Ipoh, the most important factor which must take into account is your vehicle. This is because sometimes, if you want to walk around using public transport such as bus-stop, somewhat less suitable for a wide range of attractions and bus route also tu be quite limited. It is recommended that your taxi as a way to walk or simply walk alone to a place not far from the station.

I give this guide if your ride Trends ETS only. I assume your starting ETS stations, namely Ipoh KTM station like in the picture above that. After looking out of the door je think you'll be warmly welcomed and also many people offering taxi service. Currently in Ipoh, there seems to be metered taxi. Make sure your know your destination and want to go tu ask once how much you have to pay funnier.

Among the places that probably less than 1 km area around the station is like Masjid Negeri Perak which is just opposite the railway station je Ipoh. So if you want to relax and pray first, JAP problem. Stalls at Dato 'Sagor open until 1.00 pm if I'm not mistaken. Areas Stalls Dato 'Sagor is a really famous for eating breakfast menu je caused many here who like variety. Most legend certainly Bread Egg Shake the iPod kompem there.

From Masjid Negeri, actually funnier can go to the supermarket instead of tu terdekat..dekat very close, also affected approximately 800m walk to Ipoh Parade, if your walk, you can see for yourself Ipoh town in time siang..Buat this time if want to visit the Museum of Perak, which is adjacent to SMJK Poi Lam, Ipoh, the museum is being renovated. So for those who want to visit tu, please postpone intentions.

Where to Eat Interest Ipoh
Eating certainly many who are looking for. Among the delicious menu and rarely exists elsewhere, is none other than Soy Noodle menu Ipoh. Not all outlets in Ipoh promising sedap..tapi taste if you want to search for, which is not difficult. So far, the iPod, is only in the Stall Mat Jasak, ie near Ipoh UTC. Another place to look for this menu is in Ban Tiu, but it's quite difficult if you want to find out if there was any place and the bus did not go there area. Search Stalls in Pak Wan Tiu and inshallah open from morning until night.

Menu breakfast, can find in the stalls in Perak Stadium, restaurant Satyadewi, Booth Dato 'Sagor ... just wanted to go there, more appropriate, if still take a taxi or private car.

For lunch, you can head to Restaurant CU in Greentown, Restoran Nasi Ayam Fuziah in Greentown, Hainan Chicken Rice Restaurant in Greentown or Ruby first branch in Jalan Ipoh, maybe somewhat difficult parking there for the car.

If the evening was hunger, can find recreation areas Padang Polo, find Laksa stall if interest Kedah eat laksa la kat situ. This field jogging area sebenarnya..tapi many people who hang out eating, joking bagai.Malam nights here, not attractive because silence suitable je tak nak ... hang plugs plaque explains why many ticks hang out here ...

Dinner is wrong, there are many options. Among the most femes course at Dataran Ipoh. Its location in the Greentown Business Center where there are plenty of food options there. There Char Kway Teow Tiaw, there are lot more la. I recently went there dah menu Yong Tau Foo Soup, like I eat at Kampung Melayu Majidee..ahaa..Ipoh pun dah there apparently.

Place Jalan-Jalan Ipoh Interest
For me the mark Ipoh ni dah lama, might just be the only recreational park attractions. Try searching Gunung Lang Recreational Park, Park Dr. Senivasagam, Botanical Gardens, Caves Kek Lok Tong, Ipoh and if you want to feel the cold waterfall, you can go to the waterfall in Ulu Yam Chepor..lebih less like the taste je tak la Lata Iskandar great variety tu ..

If you're feeling like best, head to the Lost World, which is in Tambun Ipoh. The entry price can refer to web Sunway Lagoon taste. I do not remember how once entered for a very long time already got in.

That is too much less if you are going to plan throng mark Ipoh area ni..mungkin difficult for the plan throng rose bas..serius..ini not want to mess because I myself am not encouraged. Better to take a taxi, but the taxi rate was different depending on the taxi, if you want to survive, go to a legitimate taxi station and take no reason to worry taxi ni affected individuals 'slaughterhouse' je with ni fathoms.

If you have questions, ask your tastes may le'm here I can answer..Oh coat ye, if you want to go to UTC tu, it is near the Masjid Negeri if you want to walk. Walk about 20 minutes. If you need any hotel in ipoh, visit the link.